Best Practices

These simple steps will help you make the most out of your Premium conference.

Before Meeting

  • Set meeting times that work across time zones
    Remember your participants may be in time zones other than your own.
  • Double check the confirmation email for accuracy
    Be sure to check the details of your confirmation email when you receive it, to ensure accuracy.
  • Communication prior to the call is critical
    An event manager will contact you prior to your call to confirm details, and to discuss how the call is run.
  • Cancel a call
    If you must cancel your call, please contact the help desk at least 24 hours prior to start time.

During Meeting

  • Begin and end meetings on time
    If you are the host of the conference, call a few minutes early. Use the extra time to greet presenters or discuss any last minute concerns with the operator.
  • For interactive conferences, participants may mute their phones by pressing * 6
    If you have a large conference, your conference call will generally be listen only. However, if you have an interactive call, participants may mute and unmute their lines.
    Note: If you are the host or speaker, the feature to mute/unmute does not apply.
  • Help is always available by pressing * 0
  • For all Premium conferences, the operator will be monitoring your call for help signals.
    Note: For security reasons, the operator is not listening, but is monitoring the call in case of any issues.

After Meeting

  • Remind participants about follow-up or review
  • If you recorded the event, remind participants (and other invitees who did not attend the meeting) that there is replay and recording available (if applicable).
    Learn how to access and manage your recording ›
  • Post-call features will be sent to host
    If host has requested post-call features, such as a participant list or a recording of the conference, this information will be sent after the conference.