Our best-in-class booked audio conferencing solution

Premium booked audio conferencing is the best solution for any conference with large numbers of participants. Larger conferences need careful planning, so with Premium you benefit from the services of an expert Event Manager to help you before, during and after the conference.

Key features:

  • Event Manager - a conference coordinator to help you plan and manage your conference
  • Security ensured by unique passcode for each conference
  • Automated dial-in for fast access
  • Accommodates visual content such as presentations, web follow-me demonstrations, and document sharing with web conferencing
  • Management of question and answer sessions
  • Voting on questions via the phone key pad
  • Record events and replay on CD, over the web or over the phone
  • Transcription to produce text version of the conference call
  • Monitoring of call quality to address any call issues instantly
  • Ideal for sales kick-off meetings, internal announcements, global financial reviews, investor and analyst relations, product launches, and training courses

Premium Automated

The features included in Premium Automated are ideal for meetings that warrant the security of a unique passcode for each call but do not require the active presence of a conference coordinator throughout. Popular uses include training courses, multinational conferences, and client meetings.

Key features

  • A unique password for each conference increases security
  • Scheduling in advance guarantees availability of lines
  • For fast access, dial-in to an automated system without speaking to an operator
  • Simply press * 0 for operator assistance
  • Enhance meetings by sharing documents with web conferencing (if offered)

Premium Operator Assisted

Ideal for meetings that demand greater control and functionality, Premium Operator Assisted features a highly trained call coordinator, who assists with scheduling, greeting, and connecting participants. Premium Operator Assisted can be enhanced with Premium features on an a la carte basis. This service is ideally suited to sales presentations, product introductions, seminars, and lectures.

Key features

  • A unique password for each conference increases security
  • A conference coordinator introduces, proactively monitors, and ends the conference
  • The chairperson may request that all lines be muted other than those of the speaker
  • A conference coordinator can manage a question and answer session
  • Participants can vote on questions via their telephone keypads
  • All participants are checked against a list provided by the chairperson before being placed into the call
  • A conference coordinator can assist the chairperson through a separate and discreet line
  • The chairperson and selected participants can conduct a private, secure subconference to evaluate how to conduct an upcoming call or to regroup after a conference is completed.

*Certain features carry an additional charge. Not all features are available with all meeting entry options. Please contact the help desk for further details.