Video Conferencing

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I start the Video Conference at the time of the meeting?

Your Video Conference will start automatically at the time of your call. We recommend that participants arrive to the Video Conference room early to ensure that the room is in order, equipment is powered on and the camera angle and audio volume is properly adjusted.

What if I can't hear or see any picture during the Video Conference?

It is unlikely that your system or the service has failed. Check that:

  • The power on your TV monitor is on
  • The right channel is selected
  • Video/audio is un-muted on the TV monitors and the video conferencing hardware
  • Verify the connection of all the cables and connections

If you are still experiencing problems, please consult with the Help desk.

How do I end a Video Conference?

When your meeting is finished, select the call hang up option at the top of the remote.

How do I extend, edit or end a Video Conference in progress?

You may call the Help desk at any time to extend, edit or end a video conference.

Are there any basic guidelines or best practices that I should follow during the conference?

Yes, please reference our best practices section.

Scheduling basics

How do I set up a video conference?
What information will I need to provide when booking the Video Conference?
  • The date and time of your meeting (confirm this ahead of time with all participants and video locations)
  • Which sites you want to connect to (confirm that each physical conference room is available ahead of time)
Can I add audio participants to a Video Conference?

Yes, simply choose this option when booking your call.

How many different locations can I have in a Video Conference?

You can video conference with up to 12 different sites simultaneously when using the Self-service video conferencing option.

If you need to connect more than 12 sites simultaneously you should schedule a Managed video services video conference.