My Meeting Manager

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

My Meeting Manager is the online account management application for our conferencing customers.

What can I do with My Meeting Manager?

With My Meeting Manager you can:

  • View a summary of your conferencing account
  • Add or remove services
  • View your usage
  • Book and manage Premium
  • Update your details
  • Print a wallet card with your MeetMe details
  • Access conferencing help and support
Do I have to be a conferencing customer to use the service?

Yes, you need to have an existing conferencing account.

I already have a conferencing account - how do I login?

If you already have a username and password for My Meeting Manager you can log in by entering that information into the Sign into your account box on the right. If you do not yet have login details, please contact the Help desk who will create your My Meeting Manager login details and email them to you.

My password doesn't log me in. What should I do?

You can have a new password generated by entering your email address on the Forgot password page.

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

You will need to have a new password generated; you can do this by clicking here and entering your email address.

I've forgotten my username. What should I do?

Please contact the Help desk who will be able to assist you.

Can I use My Meeting Manager to add contacts to my company's conferencing account?

Yes, if you are the admin for your company will be able to complete this action from the "admin centre" section of the website.

Will My Meeting Manager show me my account information such as my MeetMe passcodes and my conferencing account number?

Yes, you can view and change your MeetMe passcodes and view your account information via the My Account section of the website. As an additional element of security you should change your MeetMe passcode details whenever you feel they have been compromised. The My Meeting Manager application changes them immediately, affecting any future scheduled meeting.

How do I find my conferencing Global Access Numbers?

You can View your Global Access Numbers here.

Can I book a Premium through My Meeting Manager?

Yes you can book, edit and cancel a Premium via My Meeting Manager. Please note you'll only be able to manage meetings that were booked online via the My Meeting Manager website. Full details are provided on both the My Meeting Manager homepage and the My Meetings section of that website.

If I book a Premium through My Meeting Manager can it also be entered into my Outlook calendar?

Yes, this is an option at the end of the flow for booking a Premium.

How can I see what meetings I've got coming up?

You can use the calendar within the My Meeting Manager website to view and manage your upcoming meetings.

Can I view my account usage and billing contact information via My Meeting Manager?

Yes, your billing contact information is shown on the My Meeting Manager homepage and in the My Account section.

Can I change one of my contact details (name, postal number, postal address, email address) online via My Meeting Manager?

Yes. You don't need to call us, just access the My Account section of the website and you can make the changes you require. Once the details are changed, an email confirmation is sent to you to confirm the change.