Call Control Features

These features are only available if you have joined the meeting with the Dolby user interface.

Once you have entered the meeting you will see:

  • A list of who is on the call
  • In-call management features
  • The call status, headset settings and meeting details
Join option Description Device: Available to the:
Desktop Mobile Chairperson Participant
(for Dolby Voice audio quality)
Connect to the meeting using Wi-Fi / mobile data

Connect to the meeting using wired / Wi-Fi internet connection

Dial-back Receive a call-back from the meeting to your landline or mobile phone

Dial-in Dial into the meeting from a landline or mobile phone

Call control Description Device: Available to the:
Desktop Mobile Chairperson Participant
Re-join by Internet Re-connect to the meeting using Wi-Fi / mobile data

Re-join by dial back Re-connect by having the meeting call you back on the phone

Re-join by dial-in Re-connect to the meeting using a phone number

Mute/unmute Mute and unmute the lines of all participants

Mute and unmute a specific individual's line

Mute and unmute your own line

Speaker Switch from handset to speaker

End the meeting When the chairperson clicks the "Leave" button, then "Close the meeting for all", it will end the meeting and disconnect all participants

Exit the meeting When the participant clicks the "Leave the meeting button", he or she will disconnect from the meeting. When the Chairperson clicks the "Leave the meeting" button followed by "Keep it Running", the chairperson will disconnect while the remaining participants continue the meeting

Invite by email Send an email containing the meeting details to someone not on the call

Lock meeting Increase security by locking the meeting to new entrants (once all invited people have joined). This will block any new dial-in users

Roster See a list of all people in the meeting

Play attendee names Plays the recorded names of the people in your meeting

Reconnect Reconnect disconnected participants (applies only to participants who initially connected via telephone)
Learn more >

Remove Remove any participants

Rename participant Rename anyone who called into the meeting. Click on the blue phone number

Record Record your meeting. After the recording has been completed, the chairperson will receive an email with a secure link to download the recording in .WAV format
Learn how to access and manage your recording ›

Request operator support Request operator support in real time from within the meeting

Feature Description Device: Available to the:
Desktop Mobile Chairperson Participant
Call status A status section showing that you are connected to the meeting

Audio quality indicator A status section showing the perceived quality of your audio connection

Audio device settings Select which speakers and microphone you want to use and see the audio levels for each.
If you have a USB-enabled headset installed, this should already be selected. If your computer has not automatically selected your headset, this is where you can change the setting

Active speaker The speaking participant will have an animated icon showing green sound waves