MeetMe with Dolby Voice

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When using a desktop

  • Don't close browser windows. You have to keep the Dolby interface window open at all times during the meeting — closing it will disconnect you from meeting.
  • Avoid long periods of silence. The service is designed to adjust audio volume levels as participants interact to give your meeting a natural flow of conversation. Participants who join in intermittently or who remain silent for long periods may initially sound quieter or louder than normal when they re-join the conversation.
  • Format for smartphones. When sending invitations to people joining with a smartphone, format the dial-in numbers with the passcode added as a quick dial code. This will make it easier for these participants to join since they won't have to manually type in the passcode. Use the international format for numbers:
    • Blackberry format: +NUMBERxPASSCODE#xx#
      Example: +16179992727x62628844#xx#
    • iPhone/Android format: +NUMBER,,PASSCODE#,,#
      Example: +442030222777,,62628844#,,#

  • Use HTTPS. Be sure the URL is formatted with the https, e.g.,
  • Use a wired internet connection. Under certain conditions users may experience a very small time delay when engaging in conversation, however, we do not expect this to happen if you connect to your call from a computer using a wired IP connection such as Ethernet. You might experience delays if you connect with wi-fi.

Headset best practices

To experience high quality sound and voice separation, you should use a headset that has two independent channels. Mono headsets or stereo headsets that play the same audio for each ear will not provide the same quality of sound, but will still work.

  • Check your speaker and microphone. Plug in your headset before joining a call. It will give your computer time to find your new device. If you can't hear sound through your headset speakers after successfully joining the call, check the speaker & microphone settings to make sure you have the right devices selected.
  • Remember to mute. Your headset can be quite sensitive to sounds such as keyboard typing or other background noise. Mute yourself by using the Mute my line button on the Dolby user interface or the mute button on your headset cord, if it has one.
  • Check for hardware mutes. Some headsets have a mute button on the cord. It's very easy to forget you've left this on or accidentally engaged the mute button whilst moving around.
  • Avoid heavy breathing into your microphone. Place your headset 'boom' just below your mouth to avoid your microphone transmitting heavy breathing during your meeting.
  • Check the 'right/left' orientation of your headset. For stereo headsets, to avoid the sound being reversed on your headset speakers, i.e. right sound in left ear, left sound in right ear, ensure you headset speakers are worn the correct way around, i.e. check you have your left speaker/left ear, right speaker/right ear.

Data sharing best practices

If you have a Cisco WebEx account integrated with your MeetMe with Dolby Voice account you can start a web conference at the click of a button.

  • Ignore the WebEx option to Teleconference. By default WebEx will give all joiners the option to Teleconference - even though you have already connected to the audio session using MeetMe with Dolby Voice. Ignore this option in WebEx by closing the pop up box and advise your participants to do the same.
  • If you are the chairperson, don't close/exit WebEx. Once you share your screen from MeetMe with Dolby Voice, your audio and web sessions become synchronized. If you close WebEx (exit completely from the application) it will disconnect both your WebEx and MeetMe with Dolby Voice service for you and all your participants.

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When using the smartphone app

  • Tap "Host my meeting" to quickly start your own meetings. By saving the details of your chairperson account to the app, you enable the "Host my meeting" button so you don't have to enter your email address and chairperson passcode details. Note: You can add /change / remove your chairperson details on the settings screen if you didn't complete this in first-time setup.
    host meeting screenshot host meeting screenshot
  • Connect 'using the app'. Choosing the "I'll connect using the app" enables Dolby Voice technology for enhanced audio quality and can also be cost effective* to join a meeting from your mobile, i.e. no more expensive access charges from your mobile.
    *Note: if you use Mobile data (3G/4G) check your data plan to ensure you don't incur mobile data charges from your network operator. See the next section for more information
    app join options screenshot app join options screenshot
  • Control use of mobile data for Dolby Voice calls. Mobile data (4G/ 3G) or Wi-Fi can be used to connect to MeetMe with Dolby Voice meetings. Wi-Fi will not incur data charges to your device, but using mobile data may incur data charges depending on your data plan. The amount of mobile data the app will use on a Dolby Voice call will vary depending on how much you and other people talk as well as the duration of the meeting, however on average when using mobile data the app will use:
    • 20 kbps upstream
    • 64 kbps downstream
    If you are unsure about potential mobile data charges you can set the app to use Wi-Fi only when using Dolby Voice. To do this, go to SETTINGS on the app and make sure the mobile data button is set to off.*
    settings screenshot settings screenshot

    * If Wi-Fi is unavailable and you have mobile data set to disabled for Internet calls: If you choose to join a call using the dial-out or dial-in option, the app will still use mobile data to validate the passcode before you join a meeting. This is very low usage of data - approx. 7kb per time. (As context visiting a single web page may be 100+ kb).
  • Find local dial-in numbers when abroad. Use the app to find the appropriate dial-in phone numbers for whichever country you are in. You may need to use this if you do not have a good data connection available.
    find local numbers screenshot
    find local numbers screenshot
  • Have the meeting call you if you do not have a good data connection. If you do not have a good data connection and are on a personal device you can use the app to get the meeting to call you back on your mobile.
    app join options - call me screenshot app join options - call me screenshot
  • Enable the app to use mobile data. To stay connected to a meeting even if your Wi-Fi signal is lost, enable the "Use mobile data" setting found in the app settings menu. This will prevent disruption if there is a Wi-Fi network issue or if you walk away from the Wi-Fi router you are connected to.
  • If using earbuds, control volume on the device and not on the earbuds. Earbuds typically place the microphone next to the volume controls so others may hear clicking as you adjust your volume. To avoid this, adjust volume on the device, usually on the side of the mobile device.

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You can simplify setting up meetings by saving your MeetMe with Dolby Voice details in your email signature. Then you can easily drop them into a calendar invite as you need them.

Note: These instructions are for Microsoft® Outlook 2010.
To create signatures in other email programs, see the last section on this page.

Create a new email message signature in Outlook 2010

  1. Open a new email message. On the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signature, and then click Signatures...
  2. On the E-mail Signature tab, click New.
  3. Name your signature: MeetMe with Dolby Voice and then click OK.

  4. Copy and Paste the below meeting invite template into the 'Edit signature' box
  5. Meeting Details


    Please join my meeting by computer or smart phone: ?passcode= type your participant passcode here

    If this is your first time joining, you may be prompted to download the MeetMe with Dolby Voice plug-in. Use a stereo headset for the best sound quality.

    Or join by phone with these dial-in numbers and passcode:
    [** Populate the numbers below, as required for your attendees**]


    Participant passcode: [type your participant passcode here] ~ then #

    If your country is not listed above, click here to view more country dial-in numbers [include your 'more country dial-in numbers' link which should match the link in your new account email]

  6. IMPORTANT: The above template uses placeholders for the participant passcode, phone numbers and 'more country dial-in numbers' link. You should edit the signature so that the meeting details match what was provided in your new account email:
    • Replace any passcode references with the participant passcode in your new account email.
    • Update the countries and phone numbers to match those behind the View more country dial-in numbers link in your new account email.
    • Update the View more country dial-in numbers link to match the link in your email.

    If you did not receive a new account email, please contact the Help desk.

  7. Add any additional salutation information relevant to you, such as name, title, email, phone, etc.
  8. To finish creating the signature, click OK.

Add a signature to calendar invites

  • Open a new calendar invite.
  • On the Insert tab, click Signature.
  • Select MeetMe with Dolby Voice. Your meeting details will be added to your invite.


  • Make sure the participant passcode, links, and phone numbers in your signature match what is in your new account email
  • Make sure you DO NOT send your chairperson passcode — this is for you to use to securely start your meetings
  • We've included phone numbers for 2 different countries in our template, but feel free to include only the countries your participants need.

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